The Big Picture

The advertising world is learning valuable lessons from radical, fundamental changes in television and popular media over the last 60 years, and even more from today’s blossoming social media outlets. The explosion of TV channel choices has given consumers thousands of options for content on a daily basis.

Facebook has 200 million active users, half of whom log on once per day, averaging 120 friends. The fastest growing demographic among Facebook users is 35 year olds. Social networks are the ultimate form of interactivity and user choice, from choosing to follow people to joining groups or Fan pages.

The Ads by Choice technology creates the ability to extend this power of choice, from consumers and content providers to advertisers eager to maximize their ROI. The result:

  • A more receptive consumer
  • Improved CPM revenue,
  • A very significant value-add for aggregators and a more enjoyable consumer experience, all while tapping into stronger results for advertisers.

With the ability to select categories of product and service topics, advertising is less a matter of “guesstimation” for advertisers or an unwanted annoyance for consumers. It becomes valuable information that ultimately leads to “wish fulfillment”

How It Works

More about Ads by Choice in Singular Logic white paper

Singular logic has developed a proprietary three-way technology that facilitates CHOICE. The system allows consumers to catalog and store their preferences related to entertainment and information content, as well as advertisements.

Ads by Choice Model

If you consider the consumer, advertiser and content producer as three parts of a triangle, then you can better understand how Singular Logic’s technology operates to maximize efficiencies. As “middleware” our dynamic ad-serving allows advertisers to establish, on an inclusionary and exclusionary basis, who they want their advertisements to reach, and (just as importantly) who they don’t want to reach.

The patent-pending technology simultaneously allows consumers to do the same thing, as they establish overall preferences, as well as on a real-time, active-choice basis on the fly. Consumers could ultimately choose to watch a Geico ad with the gecko and reject the Geico ad featuring the caveman. These actions on behalf of the consumer would occur only if the consumer preferences match the advertiser’s intended target. The same process of inclusion, exclusion and selection is supported for content as well.

The Singular Logic system not only facilitates these preferences and choices, but also reports on them in real time. This allows content aggregators and advertisers to immediately understand their success in reaching their intended audience, and to exclusively spend dollars reaching the targeted audiences they have always wanted to reach.

The technology can be deployed over ANY digital delivery medium where a two-way communication exists, including digital broadcast over the air, cable, satellite, internet and mobile.

Why This is Powerful

The Singular Logic platform captures the full power of choice that has made social networks and platforms like Twitter so powerful. There, consumers get immediate feedback to their needs and queries. For example, a driver gets into an accident, and is suddenly in the new car market. A quick change to their profile gets them the information they want and need. On the local or regional level, a family with a 17-year-old is probably in the college market. But for the most part, the most powerful medium for messaging: television, currently misses that target altogether. Using Ads by Choice technology, regional advertisers can tap into the power of television to micro-target viewers with college as an area of interest, and extend that integrated information across web and mobile platforms, as that particular demographic will likely be a strong user of all three.

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