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Contrary to popular opinion, television viewing per household is at an all time high. MediaTrends reports that the following factors contribute to the more than 8 hours of television viewing per day, per US household: Multi-set and improved television technology, greater selection of 24-hour programming options, and such technologies as the VCR and DVR, all of which give viewers ever-increasing control.

CPM Rates Decline source Morgan Stanley Nov 2008

CPM Rates Decline source Morgan Stanley Nov 2008

CPM rates are declining as the amount of inventory increases. The key for aggregators is to add value to their viewers in order to increase their CPM. With the Ads by Choice technology, content providers can determine exactly what their viewer’s want, and immediately report those results directly to advertisers. This makes their viewers much more valuable, resulting in a multiple CPM.

The model for generating this additional value incorporates Ad Placement technology, Geo-Targeting, Date & Time implementation, Current and Forecasted Weather data, and the ability for a viewer to proactively select their Preferences of advertising content. The same viewer who has the power to fast-forward through something they don’t want will also embrace something they do want.

The reason why people fast-forward through ads is that they’re spam. Give them something they might be interested in, and they won’t fast-forward through it.

Singular Logic’s Intelligent & Dynamic Ad Management Engines allow viewers to select categories or brands of advertising, while simultaneously allowing advertisers to select the genre of consumer they want to reach. This results in fewer wasted ad dollars and a more engaged viewer of content, resulting in a premium price to reach that viewer. The result a significant, tangible spike in CPM rates.

It is precisely the rationale behind web search advertising that has increased every year

Search Ad Spend source Morgan Stanley 2008

Search Ad Spend source Morgan Stanley 2008

since 2002. In 2007, 52% of online advertising was in search ads and was attributable for 35% of new customer acquisition for online retailers according to Morgan Stanley.

This type of information-seeking was not available to television and cable viewers, until now. Content aggregators, using Ads by Choice technology, can now allow their customers to use a search-like vehicle to seek out an advertiser’s information. Instead of typing in a keyword to indicate interest, Singular Logic allows the viewer to indicate interest based on their lifestyle, hobbies & preferences by choosing categories and brands they wish to learn more about.

How it Works

Viewers will establish their preferences, from something as general as “automobiles” to something as granular as “Ford F150’s”. Time slots are then filled with inventory from national, spot, or local ads that reflect the consumers’ specific preferences.

The Singular Logic dynamic ad-serving system also features a detailed real-time reporting capability, which gives the content provider additional opportunities to capture additional revenue.

Consumer preferences can be established across television, cable, satellite, web, and mobile platforms using the same Ad’s by Choice customer-selection technology.

Singular Logic Technology Summary

Singular logic has developed a proprietary three-part technology that facilitates CHOICE. The system allows consumers to catalog and store their preferences related to entertainment and information-related content, as well as advertisements.

Ads by Choice Model

If you consider the consumer, advertiser and content producer as three parts of a triangle then you can understand better how Singular Logic’s technology operates. As smart “middleware” – it allows advertisers to establish, on an inclusionary and exclusionary basis, who they want their advertisements to reach, and (just as importantly) who they don’t want to reach.

The system simultaneously allows consumers to do the same thing, as they establish their preferences, as well as on a real-time, active-choice basis. Consumers could ultimately choose to watch a Geico ad with the famous gecko and reject the Geico ad featuring the caveman. These actions on behalf of the consumer would occur only if the consumer preferences match the advertiser’s intended target. The same process of inclusion, exclusion and selection is supported for content as well.

The Singular Logic system not only facilitates these preferences and choices, but also reports on them in intricate detail. This allows content aggregators and advertisers to immediately understand their level of success in reaching their intended audience, and to exclusively spend dollars reaching the targeted audiences they have always wanted to reach.

This proprietary technology can be deployed over ANY digital delivery medium where a two-way communication exists, including digital broadcast over the air, cable, satellite, internet and mobile.

More about Ads by Choice in Singular Logic white paper

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