Singular Logic’s technology addresses the three areas of greatest concern among advertisers
1. Improved Targeting of Potential Buyers
2. Increased Control of Shrinking Ad Budgets
3. Creating Stronger Brand Loyalty

Improved Targeting

Elusive Targeted Ads are no longer a mystery with Singular Logic’s timely technology. With capabilities for Geo-Targeting, Date and Time implementation, User Preference information, and even the ability to control ad insertion based on the Current or Predicted Weather – Advertisers Don’t Need to Guess Anymore!

EX: Imagine the ability design an ad to be shown to an 18-35 woman, with kids, in Santa Barbara, CA on only Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 7 am to 12 pm and only when it is raining. . . This could be a great spot to advertise the “Mommy Mornings” at the local coffee shop.

With Singular Logic’s technology, Advertisers can get as granular as they want!

More about Ads by Choice in Singular Logic white paper

Content providers using Singular Logic’s Ad by Choice technology can provide advertisers immediate reporting on the value of their ad campaigns. No longer will advertisers need to align themselves with content that is targeted at a particular audience, and hope it provides results.

Now advertisers can choose their audience based on actual facts provided by consumers and Singular Logic’s Intelligent & Dynamic Ad Management Engines. This technology gives advertisers absolute certainty that the intended consumer is receiving their ad. There is no need to continue to guess, or encroach on consumer privacy to try to hunt down the information they need. Singular Logic insures true accountability, from conception to ultimate delivery of your message.

More Effective Ad Budgets
The Ads by Choice system allows for reduced pricing for less qualified profiles, as well as exclusion of specific profiles altogether. This gives advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to stretch their media buy by eliminating paying for unqualified or unwanted buyers. With a portal to manage their campaigns, view up-to-the-minute data, and set profile restrictions, advertisers now have complete control over every aspect of their campaign. They are only paying for ads to be seen by their intended, targeted audience, when they want, thus – spending smarter.

Stronger Brand Loyalty
Singular Logic’s new patent-pending technology allows Advertisers to keep a big-picture view over their multi-platform campaigns. Consumer preferences can be reported across all platforms, enabling Advertisers to implement a more all-encompassing and consistent campaign from one convenient portal. In the creative hands of interactive agencies, the information provided through the reporting portals enable up-to-the-minute adjustments, easy campaign management, and unlimited opportunities for co-marketing opportunities.

Integrating deeper content related to a brand offering and extending that information across platforms opens up the full spectrum of programs.

For example, a profile of a 40 year old male who is interested in off road vehicles and travel can view ads about 4 wheel drive vehicles, directing him to a website integrated with resort destinations packages, and maybe a mobile GPS widget for his phone once he is on site. This is soup-to-nuts brand loyalty and Singular Logic is just beginning to deploy the technologies to connect the dots.

Performance Based Ad Revenue

Performance Based Ad Revenue

Advertisers can combine the brand and positioning television buy with web-caliber performance. Targeting a highly qualified buyer early in the process, and using Singular Logic’s technology across TV, cable, web, and mobile, increases the chances of improving these performance programs.

The famous quote from turn of the 20th century retailer John Wanamaker was “Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t which half.”

Advertising was once fairly straightforward. Create one campaign and market products on a handful of TV programs, newspapers, radio and magazines. Today with the Internet, Broadcast TV, Digital Cable, Satellite, Billboards, Newspapers, Radio, Magazines and smart Mobile phones, advertisers have a mind-numbing number of avenues to reach consumers. Thousands of new products and services are introduced every year, saturating an already flooded market.

Today, Targeted Ads are the only solution. And the best way to target is by making the ad relevant and opt-in. From top-down advertising to wish fulfillment; Singular Logic takes the interactivity of the Internet and perfects it for Advertisers and Content Aggregators anxious to pinpoint their message with an efficiency and effectiveness that has been impossible before now.

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