Posted by: singularlogic | May 15, 2009

The Era of Mobile Communities Will Replace Destinations

Guest post by Albert Maruggi

In my travels this Spring to conferences both speaking and attending, there were three major recurring themes:

1) A website is not as important as it used to be
2) Making your information portable
3) Users will control even more of their experience

Let’s Explore

Websites have a diminished role, they will be a home base for companies and people, hey a blog is a website right, but your time is being spent as much or more in other places online. Those places include Facebook, Twitter, aggregators from big media players like ESPN to hyperlocal sites like and Birmingham Terminal by Andre Natta. Forrester analyst Jeremiah Owyang makes this case well in his five eras of the social web.

Portable information is in some ways what your information will become. As my road warrior friend Chris Brogan says “put handles on your information” – (More gems like that can be heard at Brogan Inbound Marketing Summit, next one is in Dallas in two weeks). And what are those handles attached to? Things like widgets of which there are plenty examples at Widgetbox or RSS feeds which now comprise many 21st century newspapers with super customization of content on places like iGoogle and Netvibes. Your information has handles, for example when someone Retweets your 140 characters that may well include a link to a blog post or website landing page. Retweeting is the act of someone else passing your information to their followers, exponentially extending your message. The video below has handles called the embed code and allowed me to bring that video from YouTube to here. See, someone else can carrying your information to another group of people, a community.

Users control just about everything. This will include advertising. It is only logical that we’ve allowed users to control and customize everything from weather, sports, news, page layout, colors, about the only thing left is advertising content. If advertising dollars support the content flowing for no or reduced cost, in the case of media providers say like Major League Baseball, or advertising dollars keeps the technology platform providing new features, MySpace for example, then giving the users a choice about that advertising content is a logical progression according to many in the content and platform space.

At the National Association of Broadcasters Show in April, I spoke with Angela Courtin, Senior Vice President for Marketing, Entertainment and Content at MySpace. We did our version of a social web jam session where I threw out a technology or theme and she did an intelligent riff. Her commentary is like music to the ears of social web lovers.


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