Posted by: singularlogic | April 21, 2009

“Ads By Choice” Technology Debuts at HBC

Singular Logic teams up with Winona, MN Cable Operator
to Deliver Consumer-Selected Advertising

Las Vegas, NV, April 20, 2009 – ( Singular Logic announced today at the National Association of Broadcasters show, the scheduled deployment of its pioneering customer-selection technology in Winona. Partnering with Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Singular’s technology will allow the consumers in more than 20,000 households to tailor advertisements to their preferences. Advertisers will be able to reach both their demographic and a consumer that proactively selects the category or products with the most personal appeal.

“We are excited about the prospect of our “Ads by Choice” system being available to Winona residents,” said Paul Douglas, founder of Singular Logic. “The ability to match advertising to individual consumer profiles represents an enormous opportunity for content providers to see increased CPM.” “Ads by Choice” is a new way consumers shape their buying decisions; see a demo at Booth C3054A at NAB

Singular Logic is built on Services Oriented Architecture that allows consumers to establish preferences across television, web, and mobile devices. In other words, a family of four watching American Idol might view an ad for an SUV, while the neighbor, an unmarried man next door, might see an ad for a sports model, as well as seeing the same ads while discussing American Idol on Facebook the next day.

“Ads by Choice” also enhances consumer privacy. While search engines rely upon aggregated search results to determine the right advertising, all information provided to content providers through Singular Logic is voluntary. People receive the advertising on topics that genuinely interest them.

“The concept of consumer-driven messaging greatly appealed to us,” said Gary Evans, HBC’s president and CEO. “This partnership will allow us to provide more value to our customers and advertisers.”
This is a step between reality and a future previously defined only in the imagination of the dream-makers being taken by a HBC and Singular Logic.

Singular Logic was founded in 2007 by Paul Douglas and Todd Frostad. A veteran meteorologist of thirty years, Douglas is also CEO of WeatherNation, which syndicates weather-related content for local news broadcasts across the nation. Frostad helped launch Digital River, a leading provider of Internet software delivery, and remained with the company until 2005.

Created in 1997 as a successor to a not-for-profit education initiative called Luminet, Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc., provides cable television, high-speed and dial-up Internet connections and telephone services to the greater Winona area, St. Charles, Wabasha, Lewiston, Rollingstone and Stockton in southeastern Minnesota. The Wabasha build, completed in the fall of 2005 was among Minnesota’s first fiber-to-the-home projects. Lewiston, Rollingstone, and Stockton are also FTTH communities.

Todd Frostad

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