Posted by: singularlogic | April 20, 2009

NAB Mood Upbeat With Innovation and Determination

The past few years there was a lot of hand wringing about the disruption of media at the National Association of Broadcasters show. I have been a frequent attendee and occasional exhibitor at the NAB over the years. As I walked around the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center yesterday as the exhibitors were setting up, I sense an uptick in the energy of the show, in spite of economic headlines.

There seems to be a direction change at this NAB Show in two major areas, the first is from hardware to content, and the second is from speech (one-way communication) to conversation. This second direction shift is prefaced by the explosion in social media which I translate as content selection.

I attribute the energy to the following

  • Technology in digital media that enables delivery of multimedia content across platforms TV, web, and mobile, with little quality compromise.
  • Booth set up #C3054A Heads on Straight

    Booth set up #C3054A Heads on Straight

  • Production hardware and software price levels are within reach of any aspiring content provider which has led to an explosion of independent offerings
  • Social media is creating a more interested and engaged consumer, who selects their content, their friends, and followers. This continues to be an attractive opportunity for creative advertisers. Even NAB is getting the social media vibe on Twitter

David Bohan writing in the Tennessean contributed to my thinking on this piece.

If you are attending the NAB Show stop by and say hello to our life size dolls, just getting their heads on straight in this photo, or some of a fine real people in the booth.

We’ll be reporting on the NAB on this blog and interviewing some of the speakers. Monday, we hear about the state of the industry from the NAB David Rehr, and will talk to some of the exhibitors at the show. If you have any questions about the industry post them here and we’ll try to answer them.


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