Posted by: singularlogic | April 17, 2009

YouTube: New Advertising – Same Model

by Paul Douglas

TV shows and movies are now new on YouTube. These are shows that ran on television, shows like Married with Children, Fantasy Island (Da plane boss, da plane)  and yes, even long running Soap Operas like Guiding Light.

The new look advertising on YouTube this week is a whip cream topping on the traditional advertising model, that model being to associate content selection with demographic data.   I suggest this offering could be more substantive and nutritious for advertiser and viewer.   

It strikes me as ironic that the genesis of user choice in online video has added a traditional advertising model.  The fact is, advertising must support content, it’s what keeps content coming and viewers viewing. A completely pay-per-view world would not be as creative, entertaining, or informative.   But an advertising by content model is becoming antiquated.  

Apologies if I get a bit passionate here about something I’ve been working on for two years.  I do have an amendment to this new advertising model. The idea for a viewer of YouTube to be able to select the content they want should be enhanced by the viewer selecting the advertising they want as well.  That is more of a direct connection between advertiser and viewer. 

If any medium breaks the equation of type of content = type of demographic viewer, it is YouTube.  So here is a great opportunity to test an “Ads by Choice” model in TV shows on YouTube. I suspect the thinking at YouTube and among advertisers is to match the same demographic of the show as it ran on broadcast with the demographic of who will watch it today. 

Then, of course, you may have to take age into consideration.  While I may have watched Fantasy Island when I was 20, at 50 my taste in entertainment may have stayed the same, but my needs as a consumer are very different.  You can see how the opportunity to select content loses its connection to a demographic profile. This changes the equation of content = demographic.

Would you choose an advertising category on your YouTube Shows channel?  Would you make the effort to select auto ads when in the market for a vehicle or PC ads when you are looking for a computer at the same time you are selecting a show to watch on YouTube?

This would be a great testing ground to see if total consumer content choice is what consumers want.  Now back to the Guiding Light, I wonder how Reva and Josh are doing?  Oh, I forgot, I’m not supposed to care. 


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