Posted by: singularlogic | April 17, 2009

Interested Consumers Will Engage With Companies

by Paul Douglas

A study by recent Roper Public Affairs cited the positive connection between custom publishing and consumer interest.  You’ve seen custom publishing usually in print trade magazines.  It is usually sponsored by a couple of major companies and the articles deal with how their products or services are being used. The study also cited, “ that car owners who receive publications from their car companies are more satisfied with their vehicles and more likely to recommend the company to others. Similarly, people who receive publications from their local hospitals are more satisfied with these hospitals and more likely to recommend them.”

This last point is striking in that there seems to be a willingness to draw a closer bond between customer and company. A well known example of embracing a product is the Harley-Davidson brand and the Sturgis, South Dakota bike rally, a lovefest between rider and machine.

That type of brand loyalty and depth are forming in other media channels, albeit to smaller degrees, but still

credit: Facebook Waving Wrangler Group

credit: Facebook Waving Wrangler Group

revolutionary from an advertiser’s standpoint. Examples of this include the ImSaturn community for Saturn car owners, or one of my favorite examples of consumers embracing a product online, I own a Jeep Wrangler and wave to other Wranglers.  

What makes these sites work is they are not just in the hands of advertisers, but the content is shared and shaped by consumers. That’s the concept which can be applied across all media the further we go down the digital media path.

All this making nice is, well, nice and it shows how a little choice in the form of selecting content can mean better relationships between advertiser and consumer.  


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