Posted by: singularlogic | April 12, 2009

Singular Logic at NAB Booth C3054A

Meet the “Ads by Choice” Family at NAB ‘09

Singular Logic Introduces “Wish Fulfillment” New Advertising Technology Model

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 13, 2009 — Singular Logic, pioneers of customer-select advertising technology, would like you to meet the new “Ads by Choice” family at the National Association of Broadcasters Show April 20-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada at BOOTH C3054A. Each family member has different preferences and needs, and each desires different advertising. Alas, at least for these four days, they are all forced to live in the same booth. Singular Logic has the solution for advertising that goes to waste on half of its recipients. It is a way to target brand information to consumers who choose their advertising just like they control their content, and a way to improve advertising effectiveness and satisfy consumer information demands.

Using Singular Logic, consumers are not forced to watch ad spam, advertisers are not limited to guessing who is watching and content aggregators are not forced to sell a one size fits all campaign. Everyone wins.

“The new consumer family will be able to customize their content at every distribution point: On television, on the Internet and on their mobile device. Singular Logic has the technology to allow content aggregators and advertisers to respond to consumer preferences for advertising information as well,” said Paul Douglas, Co-Founder of Singular Logic. “If advertising isn’t relevant, consumers will find a way to bypass it or ignore it. Conversely, when consumers show interest in specific information, advertisers have a better chance at engaging the consumer. At the NAB Show, we will demonstrate how consumers show advertisers their interest and how advertisers can micro-target across broadcast, cable, web, and mobile platforms to that interested consumer.”

Singular Logic’s technology uses Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) to allow viewers to select the categories, products and services that interest them. That means dad won’t have to watch commercials about feminine hygiene products, and mom won’t have to explain Cialis commercials to her 9 year old.

Singular Logic is announcing the details of a pilot project with a Minnesota cable provider looking to provide state-of-the-art service to customers and advertisers. Singular Logic CEO Todd Frostad adds, “the Singular Logic technology is a unique application and deployment for content providers giving them a potential for adding value for both consumer and advertiser.”

For Journalists and Bloggers covering NAB ‘09:

Paul Douglas and Todd Frostad are available for interviews on how advertising is changing in light of IPTV, the connection between consumer selected advertising and the trend for greater consumer control as demonstrated by social media adoption. They can also discuss how and why Singular Logic is being deployed in select markets and with media content providers.

Albert Maruggi
(612) 325-8126
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