There is growing agreement that advertising, as practiced today across all platforms, is an antiquated model. It’s broken. The traditional advertising model attempts to match the intended audience with programming content, but the waste involved is staggering; it is a highly inefficient model, one designed for a one-way flow of information.

The online search advertising model attempts to serve ads based on key words (the equivalent of matching programming content with a target audience) but this formula-driven approach broaches on legitimate privacy issues with every click.

Today, Content Aggregators face decreasing CPM rates. Advertisers face ineffective ad campaigns with diminished budgets. And Consumers are being bombarded with ad-Spam, growing increasingly immune to display ads of every kind. Singular Logic has set out to change all of that with an opt-in, personalized and evolutionary approach to targeted advertising.

Our Goal: To enable content providers to send the Perfect Spot at the Perfect Time to the Perfect Recipient.

More about Ads by Choice in Singular Logic white paper

Introducing Singular Logic’s Ads by Choice Technology

Ads by Choice Technology incorporates both Intelligent and Dynamic Ad Management Engines. Our advanced, proprietary middleware sits between your servers and your consumers to provide crucial data back to the content provider on consumer preferences. This advances the two-way communication both consumers and advertisers are asking for, while simultaneously eliminating the need for advertisers to guess, or more importantly encroach on their customer’s privacy.

Higher CPM rates – Effective Targeted Campaigns – Consumer Satisfaction

Deploying the Ads by Choice Technology:

Any platform can easily implement the Ads by Choice technology on a number of different levels:

  • Ad Placement
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Date & Time implementation
  • Current and Forecasted Weather
  • User Choice
  • And the Ultimate: Future Buy enabled
  • The technology is simple to install and implement. It utilizes PHP technology and communicates among systems with XML. It is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), making it accessible by any platform, capable of being integrated as new systems are implanted by the content provider.

    The breadth of technology allows advertising to be tailored across ANY media platform including, television, cable, satellite, web and mobile.

    Who Licenses Singular Logic?

    • Media Content Aggregators
    • Broadcast and cable television systems,
    • Web and mobile content sites.

    Who Benefits from Singular Logic?

    • Consumers – by getting information relevant to them through effective advertising without having to relinquish their privacy.
    • Advertisers – by reaching a viewer with greater interest in their product, service or category and gaining real-time reporting on the value of their campaign performance.
    • Media Content providers – by achieving much higher CPM rates and consumer satisfaction.

    NEW Revolutionary Technology Changes the Way Consumers View Content

    Consumer behavior is best learned when consumers are in control of their content and advertisers listen. Today, consumers are selecting custom content, from choosing where and when they watch their favorite programs to their friend and fan pages on Facebook.

    Singular Logic gives consumers the ability to choose the content and ad categories they’re willing to watch to keep On-Air and On-Line content free of charge.

    Contact information:
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